May 14, 2013

NOPD Should Recruit Citizens’ Senses

The New Orleans Police Department could be broadcasting far more video, photos, sketches and other bits of evidence available to help nab wanted suspects. Only Fourth and Eighth Districts (including 8th DIU) regularly post surveillance camera footage on YouTube, while NOPD headquarters has uploaded just a handful of crime videos over the past year. With thousands of cameras recording 24/7 at homes and businesses across the city – plus more to come, thanks to ProjectNOLA – that is not nearly enough!

Citizens are routinely asked for assistance solving crimes, and we all want to help. So NOPD should make lots more visual information – for example, descriptions and license plates of stolen vehicles, bikes, etc. – publicly accessible online, so we can be on the lookout and call in tips.

Last year, NOPD took pains to orchestrate their new crime map, meetings calendar and website (, but has since done a lousy job promoting these resources, and the department’s current mishmash of a dozen Facebook pages, four YouTube feeds, and eleven email lists – some barely used and each with its own posting policy – just isn’t cutting it. 

Let’s get it together, NOPD!

Jan 2, 2013

Where and when was this picture of K&B and the CBD taken?

Answer: The corner of Jena and Willow, around noon on a summer day, between 1976 and 1982.
Why? The foreground buildings were all demolished in the early 1980's to make room for expansion of Baptist (now Ochsner) Hospital.  Behind them is visible the old K&B Drugs (sold to Rite-Aid) store located at the corner of Napoleon and Claiborne Avenue, which now houses a Touro clinic.
The Hyatt Regency Hotel – completed in the mid-Seventies – can be seen in the distance, next to the Louisiana (now Mercedes-Benz) Superdome.
The photograph was taken atop the still-standing original hospital parking facility, looking ENE.

To see this location on a map, click here.